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Miniature Perfume Shoppe is honored to have been selected by Demeter to be the first retailer in the United States the privilege of selling the miniature perfume bottles included in the Demeter Fragrance Library. Buy one, buy them all, but with more than 300 mini colognes in the Library (and counting), you'll have a hard time choosing a favorite. We don't have favorites. We love them all!




(10) 1 ml Sample Vials


Miniature Perfume Shoppe is pleased to offer hand-decanted sample vials of all Demeter fragrances that are currently in our inventory. Each sample is personally drawn from a BRAND NEW Demeter miniature bottle from our inventory of almost two hundred (and counting) Demeter minis.


This custom Demeter sampler set contains ten hand-decanted sample vials (one each) from the Cookie, Cake, & Pie offerings of the Demeter Fragrance Library ... yum! Here's what you will receive:


  • Sugar Cookie
  • Ginger Cookie
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Devil's Food
  • Graham Cracker
  • Brownie
  • Gingerbread
  • Cupcake
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Blackberry Pie

The fragrances included in this specific set were selected by us from (what we refer to as) the gourmand-dessert category of Demeter fragrances. You will receive the specific Demeter fragrance samples as listed above. Like to learn more about the individual fragrances in this group before making a decision? You can find them here or simply type the names listed above in the search box of Miniature Perfume Shoppe's homepage.

Enjoy your Demeter "test drive". Smell great!
See our current Demeter mini inventory here.


The Demeter Fragrance Library offers more than 300 fragrances that are inspired by everyday objects and experiences. In short, Demeter is the olfactory version of “stopping to smell the roses”. They isolate and highlight the beautiful scents that surround us every day, in wearable formats.


Name: Ten (10) Demeter Fragrance Samples (as listed above)
Perfume House: Demeter Fragance Library
Perfumer: Demeter
Collection: Classic
Launch Date: Varies
Concentration: Cologne
Vial Size: 1.25" h x 0.25" d (glass vial w/ plastic applicator cap)
Vial Capacity: 1 ml vial containing 0.70 ml.
Rating: 5-Star
Fragrance Notes: All colognes included in the Demeter Fragrance Library are linear fragrances (the notes express their nature and character immediately, and generally do not change over time.) The fragrance description and fragrance name above pretty much says it all.
Disclaimer: We guarantee our samples to be new, authentic, original Demeter fragrances, not that you will like them. For hygienic and safety reasons, our samples are not returnable or refundable. Although these fragrances smell good enough to eat or drink - don't! These colognes may include alcohol or essential oils and are not  for human consumption or for use with children. Intended for external use only.


Note: You are purchasing TEN 1 ml, hand-decanted sample glass vials (not  minis) filled to capacity at the commercial fill line of 0.70 ml as shown in our photos. Using a new pipette, all Miniature Perfume Shoppe samples are carefully, hygienically, professionally, and lovingly decanted by hand from a brand-new miniature perfume bottle of the original, authentic Demeter fragrance of your choice. For quality control purposes, sample vials are not returnable nor refundable. Other product photos (click on "more images") shown in our description, including the Demeter minis, are for illustration only.


Sample vials are available for any Demeter fragrance currently in stock at Miniature Perfume Shoppe, and new fragrances are added several times each month. Have you already purchased a sample vial, enjoyed your "test drive", and are now ready for a new, full, 15 ml mini of your favorite Demeter fragrance? Awesome! Find it  here.


Simple, Subtle, Singular Scents,
Each Day. Everywhere.




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