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NAME: Desert Jasmine
PERFUME HOUSE: Perfumes of the Desert (New Mexicraft Co.)
LAUNCH DATE: *1956   
SIZE (inches): 2.25" h x 0.75" w
CAPACITY: 1/8 (0.125) fl. oz.

CONTENTS: Almost Full (slight loss due to evaporation)
CONDITION: Vintage; (New, Old Stock)
COMPOSITION: The official and original Perfumes of the Desert brochure describes "Desert Jasmine" as: "Reminiscent of the French Jasmine, but excitingly different. It carries a quality of the desert for it comes out of the hot sands and wild winds of the mesa."
RATING: 5-Stars
Founded by perfumer, Howard K. Foncanon, "Perfumes of the Desert" was first opened in 1948 in Old Albuquerque, New Mexico. By *1956, Mr. Foncanon’s family owned and operated business, New Mexicraft Co., was producing more than a dozen unique fragrances, including Cactus Flower, Yucca, Pinon, Desert Bouquet, Ginger Blossom, Purple Sage, Tamarack Flower, Devils Flower, Desert Jasmine, Desert Mistletoe, Desert Rainbow, and Midnight Cereus – all derived from cactus and other native flowers collected from the desert canyonlands and mesas of the great Southwest.


This vintage Perfumes of the Desert mini from 1993 was acquired by Miniature Perfume Shoppe from a private collector. It is one of the earliest bottle designs (flat, splash top), and contains the authentic and enchanting fragrance originally created by Mr. Foncanon. Please see "more images" that includes a photo of the entire "family" of miniature perfume bottles created over the years by Perfumes of the Desert.





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